More than 22,000 people register on Bhutan App, foreign guests invited to attend National Day celebrations

In a bid to streamline participation and ensure efficient crowd management, individuals wishing to attend the upcoming National Day celebrations at Changlimithang will be required to complete their registration on the Bhutan app. As of now, more than 22,000 people have already registered on the app to gain entry.

Known to be one of the largest gatherings in the country every year, the National Day this year is set to be particularly special with foreign guests being invited to attend the day for the first time.

What’s even more special about the day every year for Bhutanese near and far is His Majesty The King’s National Day address.

And for those within the country, the easiest way to gain entry and physically be there to be part of the celebration is by registering on the Bhutan app.

Developed in 2021, many have fond memories of using the app to scan the QR code displayed on their TV screen on the National Day.

“We are also looking at Bhutan app to make the population appreciate and become aware of how technology can be utilised to benefit themselves. So, this understanding also came from the pandemic,” said Jigme Tenzing, Acting Secretary of GovTech Agency.

Today, facilitating entry by registering on the Bhutan app comes as a measure to enable smooth entry, regulate crowd flow, and enhance security measures at the event venue.

By leveraging technology, organizers aim to provide a seamless experience for attendees while maintaining adherence to safety protocols.

“If you don’t register and you come to the venue, then you may be taken aside and be helped with the registration. So, it might take longer for you to get entry. For those who are already registered, the process is much quicker because you already have a QR code. You just have to scan it and then you can enter,” said Jigme Tenzing.

Attendees are encouraged to register at the earliest to secure their participation. The online registration deadline which will be kept until the morning of the National Day is set well in advance of the event to ensure ample time for processing and coordination.

Those having difficulty registering on the app can seek help by calling the toll-free number 1411. The toll-free line has received more than 80 calls so far attending to queries on the lucky draw and on how to register on the Bhutan app.

For better convenience, a booth in Kaja Throm which is open from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday has also been set up so people without smartphones can also register for the event. Registration will also be facilitated at the booth for non-Bhutanese visitors wanting to join the celebrations.

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