NA approves compensation for crop and livestock damage by electric poles

People across the country can now receive land replacement or monetary compensation for crop and livestock damage by electric poles and wires. The National Assembly approved this recommendation on Tuesday during discussions about the inconveniences caused by electric poles and wires falling on farmland. Meanwhile, Minister for Energy and Natural Resources, Gem Tshering, requested a year to develop a proper system to manage these incidents.

Moving the motion, Khatoed-Laya MP Lhaba Lhaba informed the House that electric poles and wires cause disruption to agricultural activities and pose safety hazards to both humans and animals.

He added that despite existing policies and Acts mandating government compensation, farmers do not receive any monetary compensation in such cases.

BBS talked with people who have experienced inconveniences due to electric poles and wires falling on their farmland.

“A problem arises when electric poles are placed between private lands, making relocation difficult when the entire area is surrounded by private land,” said Phurpa, Sisina Tshogpa, Maedwang Gewog, Thimphu.

“I have nine poles on my land, which makes it inconvenient for us to work. In the future, dividing the land will be inconvenient as our children may not want the portion of land where the poles currently stand,” said Kencho Om, a resident of Sisina Chiwog.

Highlighting these issues, the Khatoed-Laya MP proposed relocating electric towers from densely populated areas to safer locations.

He also suggested allocating funds for relocation, compensation, and private land replacement where relocation is not feasible.

Meanwhile, the minister for energy and natural resources said the ministry has been working to address the issue.

“The ministry talked with the Bhutan Power Corporation to come up with a clear regulation system and procedures regarding the relocation, compensation, and land replacement for private lands. Therefore, I request one year to study these aspects and present it to the house.”

The recommendations will be forwarded to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources for necessary action.

Deki Lhazom & Phub Dorji

Edited by Sonam Pem

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