Narrow and steep Jangphutse mule track risky, say travellers

It came as a respite for the people of Jangphutse village in Trashi Yangste when the six-kilometre mule track was constructed some two years ago. While the distance has been shortened by about two hours, the narrow and steep track has become risky for the travellers. The mule track is the only route that connects them to other villages.

The people along with their horses travel through this trail to reach the nearest road point in Toedtsho Gewog centre. Easing the burden on farmers of reaching their produce to the market, the mule track has become a lifeline. However, it is a struggle to cross the narrow track.

“We face difficulties especially when we have to transport potatoes as we have to use more horses. As the mule track is small and narrow, people travelling down have to wait until other horses reach the point. Moreover, there is a cliff in the newly developed mule track,” said Tenzin Dema, a resident.

“When horses pass from both sides, there is not enough space to give way, so the risk of accident is higher. We would be grateful if the present track is widened,” said Kezang Dorji, another resident.

However, going by the recent Gewog Tshogde, the problem is likely to solve soon.

“The problem was also raised during the Gewog Tshogde which was conducted recently. And accordingly, we have allocated a budget for the trail redevelopment work in the 2023-2024 financial year,” said Toedtsho Gup, Dechen Wangdi.

The mule track benefits around 50 households in Jangphutse village.

Trashi Yangtse district supported the construction of the mule track with Nu 2 M from the district development grant.

Sonam Darjay, Tashi Yangtse

Edited by Sonam Pem

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