National Assembly completes five-year tenure, dissolves today

The National Assembly dissolved, today, after completing its five-year tenure. A term-end sitting in accordance with Article 10 of the Constitution convened, this afternoon. However, Cabinet ministers will remain in office until His Majesty The King appoints the Interim Government.  

According to the National Assembly, the term-end sitting signifies the culmination of the five-year tenure of the incumbent National Assembly of the Third Parliament of Bhutan.

The term-end sitting was attended by MPs and members from the Central Monastic Body.

During the sitting, the speaker read out the term-end order of the Third Parliament and signed on it.

“I am content. It was a big opportunity and I served with all my dedication. It was a great opportunity and an experience for me. I gained experience in planning laws and policies for the country,” said Wangchuk Namgyel, National Assembly Speaker.

“With the end of the third government, I must say I have mixed feelings. Nevertheless, I think it is something to be happy about since we could do something that benefits the citizens and the country. During the past five years, we were able to understand the difficulties that our citizens are facing,” said Tshering Chhoden, Khar-Yurung MP of Pema Gatshel.

The speaker and the members concluded their five-year term with offerings of Zhabten and Tashi Moenlam.

According to the Constitution, whenever the National Assembly dissolves, the Druk Gyalpo shall appoint an Interim Government to function for a period, which shall not exceed 90 days to enable the Election Commission to hold free and fair elections.

The Interim Government shall consist of a chief advisor and other advisors appointed by the Druk Gyalpo within fifteen days after the dissolution of the National Assembly.

The Constitution further states that the chief justice of Bhutan shall be appointed as the chief advisor.

Upon the appointment of the Interim Government, the prime minister and the ministers who were in office immediately before the National Assembly was dissolved shall resign from office.

Deki Lhazom

Edited by Sherub Dorji

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