National Day performances promise memory etching spectacle

Get ready for an electrifying cultural spectacle at the Changlimithang Stadium today! The 116th National Day promises a sensational experience, breaking from tradition with thousands of performers showcasing eight mesmerizing songs and dances that encapsulate the rich and diverse culture of our country. It is a celebration you won’t want to miss.

Hold your breath for an exhilarating performance tomorrow. Brace yourself for the highlight of the eight presentations – ‘Patriotic Ovation,’ a nine-minute remix of timeless classics featuring over 1,000 dancers.

Watch in awe as they don regional costumes, including the traditional attires of Merak and Sakteng, and the captivating Khasha Paki of the Lhops. It is a spectacle of grand proportions that promises to leave you spellbound.

“We have an immersive programme. This performance will include 1000 performers from the Royal Bhutan Army, police, DeSuups, Traditional Performing Arts and Music Division, and athletes. We also have a performance by Paralympians for diversity,” said Phub Wangdi, the Principal of the Traditional Performing Arts and Music Division.

 The array of captivating cultural programmes will enchant audiences of all ages, whether you are at the Changlimithang Stadium or tuning in from the comfort of your home.

The festivities promise to be a treat for both the young and the young at heart.

The Principal said, “for the elderly, we offer traditional Zhay and Lu Zhay performances. Catering to the younger audience, we feature modern songs and other engaging performances.”

As we gear up for the magnificent celebration of the 116th National Day, anticipation is high that the performances will etch themselves into the memories of all Bhutanese, leaving an indelible mark not only for today but for years to come.

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