Need for infrastructure at Lungkhangma Guru Ney in Pema Gatshel

Chhoekhorling Gewog in Pema Gatshel has the potential to promote ecotourism and attract more visitors. The gewog has a sacred site called Lungkhangma Guru Ney where people from nearby villages and districts visit. But there is a lack of proper infrastructure at the Ney making it inconvenient for visitors. The villagers of nearby chiwogs want the Chhoekhorling Gewog Administration to improve infrastructure at the Ney.

Lungkhangma Guru Ney is located on top of a hill between Yarjaywung and Dizama-Shuguri Chiwogs. The Ney is more than 20 kilometres from Nganglam Town.

A private individual has installed ladder and constructed footpath at the site, which will minimize the risk of falling from the cliff. The work was recently completed. But villagers said there is much more to do at the site.

“There is no shed or canopy. If we can construct one, it will benefit the villagers and visitors,” said Tsejay Norbu, Dizama-Shuguri Tshogpa.

“If there is a proper toilet, it would be better, especially for the children,” said Damtsi Zangmo, a villager.

“We do not have water here. Visitors might need drinking water. We are hoping that they might supply it,” said Jigme Wangchuk, another villager.

Their wishes are heard by the Gewog administration and a proposal has been made in the next Five-Year-Plan.

“We have proposed a budget to construct a toilet here. And we have also a plan to construct a guest house, and waste disposal site,” said Kinzang Rabten, Chhoekhorling Gup.

If everything goes as planned, the site is expected to attract more visitors in the coming years.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

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