New pedestrian terminal to ease congestion at Phuentshogling entry point

The pedestrian terminal in Phuentshogling sees long queues of people waiting to enter and exit Bhutan, especially in the morning and evening, causing inconveniences. To alleviate the pressure on the main terminal, an additional gate, the Sanglam pedestrian terminal was opened yesterday. The additional gate will cater to foreign workers with valid permits.

The Sanglam pedestrian terminal is behind the Regional Revenue and Customs Office. It will facilitate entry and exit only for foreign workers with valid work permits. Others will have to route through the main pedestrian terminal as usual.

With the opening of the new gate, pressure on the main terminal is expected to be eased.  According to immigration officials, about three thousand foreign workers enter and exit the gate every day.

“Phuentshogling is one of the major land ports of entry and exit with a huge number of people entering and exiting daily. So, this additional terminal will help facilitate efficient cross-border movement.  This will help the public to a larger extent. If we look at the trend, we have foreign workers who are coming in a large number daily. So, to facilitate other categories efficiently, we have brought it here,” said Jigme Tenzin, the Regional Director of the Regional Immigration Office in Phuentshogling.

He said the terminal has four counters for entry and four counters for exit which will remain open at all hours.

The Phuentshogling Thromde began the construction of the additional gate in March this year and handed it over to the Department of Immigration recently.

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