Nikachhu Hydropower Plant generates over Nu 36 M revenue

The Nikachhu Hydropower Plant in Trongsa has exported more than 11 million units of electricity to India after it was commissioned around a month ago. This means that the hydropower plant has generated a revenue of more than Nu 36 M from exports as of last week.

Nikachhu Hydropower Plant in Trongsa began its electricity exports to India on January 25. According to officials from Tangsibji Hydro Energy Limited, which is the implementing agency of the project, the hydropower plant is currently exporting electricity to the Power Trading Company of India at a rate of Nu 3.3 per unit as per the Power Purchase Agreement.

The power generated from the plant was connected to the national grid on January 18. So far, it has distributed more than 1.6 million units of electricity to the national grid. With the domestic rate at Nu 3.89 per unit, the plant has generated domestic revenue of more than Nu 6.2 M so far.

Looking ahead, the project officials estimate an annual production of 491 million units of electricity, generating an estimated revenue of Nu 1.6bn annually.

The hydropower plant is also expected to generate 105 million units of electricity during lean months from November to April.

The project officials say that once the lean months end, all electricity generated from the Nikachhu Hydropower Plant will be exported.

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