Norbugang business community excited for Norbugang Industrial Park Development

The business community in Samtse’s Norbugang Gewog anticipates a positive change with the development of the Norbugang Industrial Park. The project, expected to revive businesses impacted by COVID-19, has allotted land to eight ferrosilicon industries, with construction underway.

Like many towns in the country, the Norbugang township, has also faced economic challenges, especially in recent years due to the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, hope is on the horizon as the establishment of the Norbugang Industrial Park gains momentum.

“We are already witnessing a slight increase in customer numbers in our shops. Looking ahead, once the project is fully complete, we anticipate a significant boost in business. Currently, due to the growing influx of people to Chengmari, we are also experiencing a housing shortage, with buildings being immediately booked upon completion,” said Mon Maya Burja, a businesswoman.

“Currently, business here is slow, and we are only making a few thousand ngultrum a day. However, with the project coming up in the gewog, we are optimistic that things will improve. We anticipate a surge in customers visiting our shop and boost our income,” said Mamta Subba, another businesswoman.

“Since the reopening of borders after the pandemic was over, we have faced challenges in reviving our businesses. However, with the industrial park establishment underway, we are beginning to see an increase in customer numbers and our business is gradually improving,” said Pema Deki Sherpa, who is a businesswoman.

Spanning across 195 acres along the banks of the Diana River, the industrial park has already attracted eight ferrosilicon factories. The allotted space has room for an additional five factories, promising more economic activities and job opportunities in the region.

During the Meet The Press session last month, Industry, Commerce and Employment Minister Namgyal Dorji said that the establishment of the Norbugang Industrial Park will elevate Samtse to a crucial industrial hub in the country.

“Due to its strategic location near the international border, Samtse holds immense potential for facilitating exports and imports. Additionally, the upcoming railway connection from Binnaguri, Banarhat, to Chamurchi further enhances Samtse’s prospects as an industrial hub within the nation. The current government has prioritised this project and is actively working towards its realisation.”

As of today, all works to develop basic amenities such as roads, side drains, stormwater drains, water distribution networks, cable ducts, and street lights are underway.

Moreover, the government’s vision includes segregating heavy industries at Norbugang Industrial Park while promoting medium and light industries at Dhamdum Industrial Park. Additionally, plans are underway to establish a dry port at Gawadrong, further enhancing trade and logistics capabilities in the region.

As is the case every year, ferrosilicon was the single largest commodity being exported from Bhutan last year as well amounting to over Nu 16bn.

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