Nya Chuthang Sanam Detshen, a youth group’s farm initiative

From working as employees to running their own businesses, a group of youth at Nobgang under Samar Gewog in Haa tried all means to make a living. Despite their hard work, they have not found their vocation in any of those jobs. This was when they stayed back home and started a farm group called the Nya Chuthang Sanam Detshen. Today they are trying their best to make this venture a success.

The group of four young men, all in their 20s started the farm work last year. This year, they cultivated potato on their five-acre land. The district administration helped them in developing the land which was once a pasture land.

“All the members of the group have studied up to classes 8, 10 and 12. We tried different types of work but we failed many times. We have only four members as of now but there are about 15 to 16 youth from our village who work with us. We plan on registering them with us as members in the future,” said Namgay Dorji, Founder of Nya Chuthang Sanam Detshen.

“My parents are farmers. Since my childhood days, I have been working on the farm. So, I am interested in farming as well,” said Rinzin Dorji, one of the members.

Besides the land development, the district administration has also installed electric fencing.

“We handed over the farmland to the group to encourage and give opportunities to the unemployed youth.  We not only assisted them to develop the land into farmland with electric fencing, but we also provided them seeds on subsidy,” said Tashi Wangchuk, District Agriculture Officer.

If everything goes as planned, besides economic opportunities, they will be able to give back to society, employing more youth and being the torchbearers of the new generation of farmers.

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