Over 75 per cent of eligible youth registered for Gyalsung

9,972 eligible youth born in 2005 registered for Gyalsung as of Friday last week. As per the Department of Civil Registration and Census, there are 12,965 children born in 2005. The registered youth will be the first batch to participate in the National Service training.

As per the Gyalsung Office, the final date for registration is on the 15th of February.

According to the Gyalsung Act, a person aged between sixteen years and six months and eighteen years can volunteer for early registration with parents’ or legal guardians’ consent.

During the four-month of National Service training, the first batch will undergo basic military training, courses in national education and life skills, specialized trainings and other trainings as determined by the Governing Council.

The registered youth have until June this year to apply for deferment.

Gyalsung’s Facebook Page posted that a person who has not completed class 12 or its equivalent, a person with temporary medical conditions and urgent circumstances approved by the Gyalsung Governing Council is eligible for deferment. However, those applying for deferment have to complete the registration process and submit the necessary supporting documents first.

The Gyalsung Act states that a person who fails to register for Gyalsung Training upon receiving the notice shall be fined the daily minimum national wage rate up to a maximum of ninety days. Moreover, the family member or legal guardian who fails to deliver notice to the eligible person without lawful reason will also be fined the same.

However, according to the Gyalsung Act, paying fines does not exempt eligible persons from Gyalsung training.

Gyalsung was institutionalized to empower all youth in the process of nation-building and enhance the security, peace, unity and sovereignty of the nation.

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