Pakhadura Lake’s eco-park hopes to empower locals and boost ecotourism in Samtse

In Samtse, the Pakhadura Lake in Sang-Ngag-Chhoeling Gewog, is set to become a destination for nature lovers and families seeking a getaway. The ongoing efforts to transform the lake into a recreational park are nearing completion. The recreational park is expected to promote ecotourism and enhance local economic activities.

Located about 40 kilometres away from Samtse Town, this pristine natural treasure is poised to become a hub for eco-tourism.

Led by the Samtse Divisional Forest Office, extensive efforts have been made to enhance the visitor experience and protect the environment at the same time.

Concrete walls have been constructed to stop water seepage. Other amenities like small bridges, public toilets, and a footpath circling the lake have been constructed.  The park also has benches and canopies.

As the construction works near completion, plans are to hand over the site to the local community to ensure their involvement in the preservation and management of the lake.

“In the future we expect this place to become a hub or a tourist destination for regional tourists and all. Tourists can come around and visit this place. Even the locals can open small cafes and interact with the guests,” said Nar Bdr Rai, a resident.

“Currently, we are helping in the management of the lake and in future we have great expectations from this lake. Since it is located along the highway, we can open a few shops and do small businesses. We hope the lake also brings benefits to Samtse district,” said Pradeep Pradhan, another resident.

According to the divisional forest office, the lake is home to several bird species, mammals, and reptiles and that has potential for scientific research.

While there is no recorded history of Pakhadura Lake, it is said that the place was largely used for paddy cultivation.

According to local residents, the paddy field gradually transformed into a lake.

The project has exciting prospects ahead. Not only will it draw tourists from the surrounding regions, but it’s also set to boost local tourism. Moreover, the project is also expected to bring benefits to the nearby residents of the Sang-Ngag-Chhoeling Gewog.

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