Panbang PS teachers construct new house to support student’s academic performance

The National Day is special every year. While some get lucky and win lotteries on the day, some are recognised for their dedicated service to the nation. For a struggling couple of Panbang in Zhemgang, words fall short in expressing their emotions as they finally have a new home after almost 20 years of struggle. A group of teachers from Panbang Primary School constructed and handed over the new home to the couple to celebrate the national day.

In Panbang’s Marangdud village, 46-year-old Namgay and his family had been living in a small hut for almost two decades.

They have been working on other people’s farmland to sustain their livelihood. Today, their longstanding dream of having a comfortable home has come true.

Namgay and his wife Lhadon said they no longer have to endure the hardship of a rain-soaked hut.

Thanks to the teachers of Panbang Primary School who initiated the construction work.

“My previous house was shabby. During rainy days, rainwater used to seep in. And when there is a wind, there are chances that it will blow the roof off. I could not construct a good house but fortunately, a group of teachers from Panbang Primary School has built a new home. I am so grateful to them,” said Namgay.

“We stayed in the hut for a long time with a lot of difficulty. But now, we have a good house, which was constructed by the teachers of Panbang Primary School. I am very thankful to them for their generous support,” said Lhadon.

The construction of the single-story concrete house was initiated through fundraising. The new house is located above the previous hut.

Teachers say one of the children studying in the school was struggling academically due to the family’s hardships.

They undertook the project to support the family and enhance the son’s educational journey.

“We studied the child’s situation on why he landed up in the same grade for three consecutive years. We found out that his family was struggling. The school principal said to improve the child’s educational journey, we need to start from home. The house was shabby,” said Pema Chogyel, Project Coordinator of Panbang Primary School.

“I will study hard. I will support my parents and serve the teachers and the country with utmost dedication,” said Leki Lethro, the son.

The construction, which began in August this year cost Nu 1.5 M.

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