Paro opens second CSI market to promote local entrepreneurs

The Department of Industry under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Employment recently inaugurated a second CSI market in Paro to provide a reliable market at local and international levels for local entrepreneurs. The first CSI market was established in Thimphu in 2020. Local businesses and entrepreneurs in Paro are delighted about the prospects of the new CSI market. The market features products ranging from organic edibles, and arts and crafts to jewelry and traditional dresses.

Entrepreneur Thinley Yangzom, who sells eight varieties of products, expressed gratitude for the convenience of the CSI market.

“Firstly, we do not have the time and secondly, due to financial constraints cannot go door to door doing marketing. And ever since we had the CSI market as a platform to sell our products, we are very grateful, and it is convenient. Now we have an outlet at our doorstep. It is even more convenient, said Thinley Yangzom, an entrepreneur.

“Earlier, when our products were out of stock, officials from the CSI market in Thimphu called us to restock, but sometimes we faced time limitations. Now we can come and drop our products any time,” added Thinley.

“The new market in Paro is an advantage to us as well as the customers here including tourists. They can get local products from here. They need not go to Thimphu. Over the years people visit the CSI market for authentic Bhutanese products and ingredients. Therefore, it is a win-win,” said Sonam Choki, another entrepreneur.

According to the ministry, the facility is meant to promote market access for local producers and push them to the next stage.

“We need to move towards a bit of industrialisation. We cannot keep doing things from home. People need to advance their skills in terms of upgrading their manufacturing bases wherever they are located and understanding the supply chain ensuring consistent supply is maintained. And ten years down the road, we are planning to be in 10 to 15 countries,” said Sonam Chophel, the CEO of the CSI market.

The CSI market has already opened a store in Australia and plans to open similar ones in the USA and Europe this year. Additionally, the company plans to open stores in India and Bangladesh.

The CEO stated that this expansion will ensure Bhutan’s place in the global market chain beyond just domestic markets.

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