Parties commit to start boarding facility or central school for Barshong’s only school, Tsirang

Students of Barshong Primary School in Tsirang may finally have their long-awaited dream within reach, a boarding facility or upgrade to a central school. Both candidates vying for the Kilkhorthang_Mendrelgang’s seat in the National Assembly have pledged to prioritise this much-needed development. During a Dzongkhag Tshogdu session in the past, requests for a boarding facility was turned down due to low student numbers. However, the recent pledges have reignited their hope for a solution.

During the common forum in BarshongGewog earlier this week, Bhutan Tendrel Party’s candidate Dhan Bahadur Tamang has pledged to establish boarding facility in the school. Similarly, People’s Democratic Party’s candidate Kamal Bahadur Gurung has promised to upgrade the school to a central school.

This came as a relief for voters whose children are studying in the school. Barshong Primary School being the only school in the gewog, students have to walk for hours daily to reach the school.

“Those students coming from faraway places like Gangtokha have to start their journey as early as 4 AM in the morning. Travelling on foot every day is tedious for them. So having a boarding facility at the school will benefit students immensely,” said Lachu Man, a resident of Barshong Toed.

“When I was a student myself, walking from the school to home used to be very tiring. My sister used to help carry my school bag. Establishing a boarding facility will help students especially those whose homes are far-flung,” said Ngawang Tshering Tamang, another resident of Barshong Toed.

“In absence of a boarding facility here, some parents have admitted their children in the nearby boarding schools. If the trend continues, the school may get closed down in the next few years.If we get a boarding facility here, parents will not have to send their children to other schools,” said Chandra Bdr Monger, who is a resident of Gangtokha.

To guide the students and to ease their exam stress, a teacher in collaboration with the school management provided a temporary boarding facility in the school campus to class four and five students during examination period last month. Students said walking for four hours between home and school every day is tiring and affecting their studies. Some parents have reportedly rented houses near the school for their children.

The school, which was reopened in 2007 has 53 students.

With parties presenting opportunities for newer amenities, improved education and services for the Gewog’s children may finally bloom into reality.

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