PM says Nu 1bn allocated to support one youth per household to study abroad

During today’s National Assembly session, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay announced that the government has allocated Nu 1bn to support one youth per household in studying abroad. This initiative targets households where no member has previously studied abroad. The prime minister stated that the fund will come from the Nu 15bn Economic Stimulus Programme.

The current government pledged during the election campaign to support one youth per household, where no member had previously gone abroad to study or work, by providing concessionary education loans for the first semester’s tuition fees in countries such as Australia, the Middle East, and Canada.

During today’s National Assembly session, Wamrong Constituency’s MP sought clarification on the government’s plans and strategies to fulfil this pledge.

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay clarified that this support is not for every youth but only for those who meet the criteria.

“You will need to have good academic performance as well. Even if the interest is very minimal, if the student’s result is not good, with added financial pressure, they will face difficulty in repaying it.”

The government is currently finalising the procedures and systems necessary to facilitate this support for youth, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder their educational opportunities.

“Having a degree is now very important. It would be nice if they could study in colleges in the country. Even if they cannot study in the country, and their parents are not able to provide fees, we are ready to help. For that, we will not charge any interest or if it is not at all possible, we will charge a minimal interest rate,” added the Prime Minister.

Regarding civil servants and public servants wishing to return from abroad, the Prime Minister said the office named ‘Revive’ is currently developing policies and systems for this initiative.

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