Political parties pledge reliable power supply in Panbang Constituency, Zhemgang

Residents of Lower Kheng in Zhemgang have been grappling with an erratic power supply for several years, forcing them to endure days or even weeks without electricity. However, both the political parties contesting in the General Round of the National Assembly Elections committed to ensure a reliable power supply in the region, bringing relief to the residents.

If you are in lower Kheng, you will come across power outages very often. A few days ago, in Pantang village, residents experienced a day and a night without electricity.

The residents said the power outages occur at any time causing inconveniences to them.

“The power outages mostly occur between Panbang and Tingtibi. It is understandable when it occurs during the summer but even in winters, we do not have reliable electricity connection,” said Sangay Dorji, a resident.

“This time, we could not watch the ongoing public debate for the National Assembly elections. We are experiencing an erratic power supply here. Power goes off frequently when there is rain and when the weather is bad,” said Nim Dem, a shopkeeper.

Apart from many pledges made by the candidates of the two political parties of Panbang Constituency, they also committed to establish a power substation in Panbang. This, they say will ensure uninterrupted power supply in the region.

“Both the political parties have pledged to construct a substation in Panbang. It will benefit us,” said Tashi, a resident of Tshanglajong village.

Officials of Bhutan Power Corporation said the frequent power outages in Lower Kheng are due to geographical location as the transmission lines in the district have to pass through thick forests that are exposed to many external disturbances.

Meanwhile, the BPC said the construction of a substation in Panbang will start sometime next year. With the construction of the substation already in the corporation’s plan, political parties are only expected to help expedite the works.

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