Powering Forward: DGPC and Adani Group Join Hands for Sustainable Energy

In a landmark move towards bolstering their bilateral ties, Bhutan’s Druk Green Power Corporation (DGPC) and India’s Adani Group have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the construction of the Wangchhu Hydropower Project. This significant collaboration marks a pivotal step in the realm of sustainable energy development in the region.

The MoU, signed recently, outlines plans for either a 570MW run-of-the-river scheme or a 900MW reservoir scheme, showcasing the project’s ambitious scale and potential impact on the local and regional energy landscape. According to DGPC officials, both options have detailed project reports ready, setting the stage for forthcoming discussions on technical specifications and cost parameters.

“The choice between the run-of-the-river and reservoir scheme will be based on maximizing the project’s benefits,” noted a DGPC spokesperson, highlighting the strategic decision-making process ahead. The collaboration also entails close cooperation to finalize joint venture structures and implementation strategies, expected to be concluded within the next three to five months.

Gautam Adani, Chairman of Adani Group, expressed enthusiasm about the venture, emphasizing its alignment with Bhutan’s developmental vision under the guidance of His Majesty The King. “The signing of this MoU signifies our commitment to advancing Bhutan’s infrastructure, particularly in the crucial sectors of hydro and other sustainable developments,” Adani remarked, underscoring the shared commitment to fostering robust ties between the two nations.

This initiative not only underscores Bhutan’s proactive stance in harnessing its hydropower potential but also strengthens the longstanding collaboration with India, a key partner in its energy and infrastructure endeavors. As Bhutan continues to explore further opportunities in the renewable energy sector, including ongoing discussions with Tata Group for the Kholongchhu hydropower project, the nation remains poised to emerge as a pivotal player in sustainable energy production in South Asia.

The Wangchhu Hydropower Project stands as a testament to the fruitful partnership between Bhutan and India, exemplifying their joint commitment towards sustainable development and regional cooperation. With significant milestones on the horizon, stakeholders eagerly anticipate the project’s realization and its transformative impact on the energy landscape of the region.

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