Royal Blessings Confer Auspicious Start to Gelephu International Airport Construction

In a momentous event, His Majesty The King graced the Salhang Tendrel ceremony marking the commencement of construction for the Gelephu International Airport. The sacred ceremony, steeped in Bhutanese tradition, was presided over by His Holiness the Je Khenpo and attended by a distinguished gathering including the interim government, senior officials, the Indian Ambassador, and representatives from various Buddhist traditions in Bhutan.

The Salhang Tendrel ceremony holds profound significance in Bhutanese culture, especially before embarking on any construction project. Rooted in the deep reverence for the land, this ritual is a solemn acknowledgment of the land deity believed to safeguard the territory. The ceremony seeks permission from this deity to utilize the land, accompanied by the request for blessings and ongoing protection for all future endeavors and inhabitants in that space.

Simultaneously, ten other Salhang Tendrel ceremonies were conducted at different locations within the future Gelephu Mindfulness City. This underscores the holistic approach and sacred connection that Bhutanese culture embeds in the process of urban development.

The Gelephu Mindfulness City, unveiled during His Majesty’s National Day Address, is set to be a transformative endeavor for the region. The Gelephu International Airport, a vital component of this visionary project, signifies Bhutan’s commitment to modernizing its infrastructure while upholding its cultural ethos.

As the Salhang Tendrel ceremony marked the commencement of construction, it also symbolized the nation’s collective respect for the environment and its acknowledgment of the spiritual dimensions intertwined with development. The ceremony is a testament to Bhutan’s unique blend of tradition and progress, ensuring that every step towards modernization is taken with the utmost reverence for the land and its divine protectors.

The Gelephu International Airport, once completed, will not only serve as a gateway to the region but also stand as a testament to Bhutan’s dedication to harmonizing progress with its cultural heritage. With the blessings bestowed upon the construction, the airport is poised to become a symbol of prosperity and unity for the people of Bhutan, echoing the kingdom’s commitment to a mindful and sustainable future.

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