Students build hydro rocket during National Space Challenge

This year’s National Space Challenge held at the Jigme Namgyel Engineering College in Samdrup Jongkhar focused on the theme ‘Hydro Rocket Development and Launch’. The challenge made the participants design and launch model hydro or water rockets. Some 50 class XII students from 17 districts took part in the challenge.

During the week-long challenge, the students had hands-on experience in making hydro rockets.

Hydro rockets are an educational device which uses water as a propellant. The students put water in a plastic bottle and seal it tight. They then pump air into it. As the air pressure builds up, it pushes the water out through a nozzle at the bottom, launching the rocket.

Pema Tenzin, a student of Bajothang HSS in Wangdue Phodrang said, “From this space challenge, I learned how a rocket system works and how should it be built. From an educational view, there are many principles of science behind this simple rocket.”

Kinley, a student of Shaba HSS in Paro said, “I learned a lot about teamwork and also about hydro rockets. Moving forward, I believe that the youth should have this dedication and teamwork spirit in every aspect of our lives.”

“It has taught me a lot of things like teamwork and rocket building. It also taught me about problem-solving and leadership,” said Pema Euthpyel Dema, a student of Karma Academy in Paro.

“We have gained lots of skills like communication skills, socialisation with teammates from other districts, and also problem-solving skills,” said Binita Tirwa, a student of Damphu Central School in Tsirang.

A hydro rocket made by the team Wangdue emerged as the winner of the National Space Challenge. Team Wangdue’s hydro rocket was able to cover a distance of more than 101 meters.

The GovTech Agency organised the challenge to develop skills in systems engineering, material optimisation, critical thinking, and teamwork.

“Through this challenge we not only expect the participant to learn the basic principles of how a rocket works but also to understand the process involved in systems engineering, fundamentals of aerodynamics, other sciences and learn the essential soft skills,” said Kiran Pradhan, the Offtg. Chief of Telecom and Space Division under GovTech Agency.

The annual event which began last week ended yesterday.

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