Students earn pocket money by selling fast food – Zhemgang

For most children, winter break is a time to refresh when they go on vacation, engage in other leisure activities, or help their parents at home. Similarly, a few students at Panbang in Zhemgang are taking the break as an opportunity to earn some cash to meet their educational expenses by selling fast food to visitors and truckers.

Sangay Yeshi Wangmo, a class five student is spending her winter vacation selling fast foods.

“I sell fast foods like momo, and other snacks, and tea. I can earn about Nu 1,000 to 2,000 in a day.”

Along with her two friends, she sells food near Panbang bridge where many visitors and truckers pass by.

These girls have been doing this for the last three years.

“I am selling it, thinking that I can earn some income during the winter vacation. In a day, I earn a minimum of Nu 700,” said Leki Choden, a student.

“I will use this money to meet my educational expenses. We work from 8 am till 6 pm,” said Yeshi Dema, another student.

This has not only helped the students earn some cash but even earned them the appreciation of the visitors.

“These children out here will be able to meet their educational expenses. It will ease the burden on the parents. I appreciate their effort,” said Pema Dema, a visitor.

Throughout the winter break these children have earned more than Nu 20,000.

They will spend the money to buy school uniform and stationeries.

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