Tailoring training for low-income families expected to boost livelihood

When it comes to living, irrespective of one’s income and ability, everyone has an equal responsibility to manage their family and raise their children. However, this is particularly difficult for people placed at the lower rung of the civil service. In Tsirang, in a bid to make people from low-income families earn better, some thirty individuals in Tsirang are being trained in a four-month tailoring course. Elementary Service Personnel and General Service Personnel working for various offices in Tsirang and clients of RENEW and the Ability Bhutan Society are attending the training.

Most of them are learning tailoring for the first time but their zeal has not made it tough to learn the skill. It took only a few days to learn to pedal the sewing machine. Pedalling is a prerequisite to learning to tailor. The trainees say such life skill training will help them in earning better.

“I am hopeful of leading a better life once I complete the tailoring course. I will make the best use of the skill. I will sew clothes in the morning and evening after duty hours,” said Tshering Zangmo, a participant.

“One of my legs got injured by a power tiller in 2021. Since then, I have been waiting for training like this since I am unable to do any physical work. Through such skill, I am optimistic about earning for my family,” said Nar Bdr. Limbu, another participant.

Once the four-month training is over, the trainees will be able to sew Wonju, Tego and Kira.

“After the training, attaching with senior tailors for a year will help them gain more experience. And after that, they can sew even expensive clothes like original Tegos all by themselves,” said Leki Tshering, a trainer.

The Tsirang district administration, RENEW and the Ability Bhutan Society offices based in Tsirang are supporting the training. Tsirang Dzongda urged the support staff to make the best of use the skill without compromising their daily duties.

“For ESP and GSP employees, you are getting your monthly salary but the tailoring skill will help you generate additional income for you. If you can do some part-time work at home with the tailoring skill, this will help you lead better lives. This is the main objective of the training,” said Sonam, Tsirang Dzongda.

For those support staff who are not part of this tailoring training, the district administration has plans to train them in electrical home appliance maintenance in the coming weeks.

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