Tingtibi-Goling bypass opens after 12-year wait

After a 12-year delay, the construction of a bypass along the primary national highway from Tingtibi to Goling in Zhemgang is finally complete. The new bypass road has brought excitement and smiles to commuters along the highway. The road was unofficially opened to traffic last month.

The old road from Tingtibi to Goling via Yebilaptsa was seven kilometres long. The new four-kilometre road bypasses Yebilaptsa and reduces the distance between Tingtibi and Goling by three kilometres.

“From Tingtbi to Goling, we used to take about a 30-minute drive on the old route. Now, using the bypass road, I manage to reach here in seven to eight minutes. The road is wider, drains are being constructed with good quality, and it is straight with better road quality,” said Sonam Penjor, Tshanglajong, Trong Gewog.

“Regarding the benefits of this road, it will not only help avoid roadblocks in high-altitude places during winter but also facilitate travel for the eastern districts of Trashigang, Trashi Yangtse, and Monggar,” said Kelzang from Panbang.

BBS has learned that the construction progress was delayed due to changes in plans and a breach of the blacktopping and crash barrier installation contract, which was awarded in 2015. The road formation cutting was carried out in 2012.

Meanwhile, officials from the Department of Surface Transport in Zhemgang were unavailable for comment.

An amount of Nu 68 M was awarded for the formation cutting works with support from the Asian Development Bank, along with an additional Nu 64 M for improvement and blacktopping.

The bypass was originally planned to facilitate the transportation of heavy machinery and materials for the then-planned Chamkharchhu Hydro Power Project in Zhemgang.

Pema Samdrup, Zhemgang

Edited by Sherub Dorji

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