Toebisa’s Bjichulum market area helps locals do brisk business

Toedpisa Gewog’s Bjichulum vegetable market area in Punakha is bustling with vegetable sellers and buyers aplenty. With the market sheds near the highway, it has become convenient for both customers and vendors. Booming business means farmers in the locality are happy that they do not have to transport their produce to other market areas.

Farmers harvest vegetables in the evening and bring them to the Bjichulum market shed the next morning. Some even carry vegetables to the shed.

The vegetables and other products at the market including dairy products come from nearby villages. Imported chillies, onions, and tomatoes are also sold there.

The vegetable vendors also get vegetables from suppliers in Tsirang when the local supply runs short. There is no dearth of customers either.

“It is beneficial to have a vegetable market nearby. We can return home with money even if we get Nu 300 to 400. Otherwise, we have to bear huge expenditures while going to Thimphu. We have to bear the transportation charges and pay for our meals there. So, we can at least do some savings while selling in the market here,” said Chhimi.

“It does not take time while bring our vegetables here in the market. Of course, it takes time if we carry it ourselves. If we bring it by vehicle, it does not take time. We can just bring it here directly and return home immediately. We do not have any problem selling our vegetables. Earlier, we used to sell it along the road since we did not have a proper market shed. We faced a lot of challenges. Not able to sell vegetables on time being one,” said Pema Duba.

According to the vendors, most customers prefer local vegetables.

“Local vegetables are far better than imported vegetables. Imported vegetables get spoiled faster if we cannot sell them on time. We get almost all kinds of vegetables from locals. Likewise, customers also look for local vegetables saying that imported vegetables have chemicals. There is no problem selling the local products,” said Sangay Bidha.

With business going well in the Bjichulum market area, farmers in the locality are now working on a larger scale to increase production.

“Some farmers are taking a keen interest in vegetable cultivation and are extending their working fields seeing the good business opportunity here. People who cultivated on one langdo before are now working on three to four langdo,” added Pema Duba.

“We are growing vegetables as much as we can, but it is difficult to protect them from wildlife. Compared to the previous years, we are taking more interest now. Earlier, it was difficult to even buy refined oil with the money we get from selling vegetables. So, now, it has become convenient for us,” added Chimi.

More than twenty permanent vendors are selling vegetables in the market area today. Constructed at a cost of Nu 14 M, the 28-unit Organic Product Centre at Bjichulum was inaugurated in July last year.

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