Tshering Tshomo, the lone female National Council elect from Zhemgang

Pitched against her four male counterparts in Zhemgang, 39-year-old Tshering Tshomo began her National Council Elections campaign a few months ago with zeal and determination. And her efforts during the campaign were rewarded by the people of Khenrig Namsum when Tshering Tshomo got elected as Zhemgang’s National Council Member of Parliament.

Tshering Tshomo is from Sonamthang village. A mother of two was the only woman candidate from Zhemgang in in this National Council Elections.

She secured over 3,000 votes to win Zhemgang’s seat in the National Council. A day after the election, Tshering Tshomo was greeted by her well-wishers in the lower Kheng region of Panbang.

“After giving a thorough introduction, a group of women came to me and this is what they told me. “Wow! we never knew you would be able to speak like that. First of all, you are small in stature. Second, we didn’t think you would have so much confidence. When you were able to do that, it makes us really proud. You have our support and if you get elected, other women will get the motivation.”

Tshering believes her pledges were realistic and that is what made people support her.

Apart from her many campaign pledges, Tshering sees promoting eco-tourism in the district as her first priority.

Tshering Tshomo is the second woman from Zhemgang to be elected a National Council MP. In Zhemgang, a total of 11,591 voters came to franchise their voting rights this election.

The 2023 National Council Elections saw five women candidates.

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