Windstorm damages several houses in Monggar

A windstorm yesterday evening damaged several households in Ngatshang, Balam, Drameste, and Monggar Gewogs in Monggar. The district administration provided tarpaulin sheets to households with major damages. The District Disaster Management officials and the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan visited the affected gewogs for an assessment today. However, no casualties were reported.

According to the gewog officials, the windstorm accompanied by hailstone and heavy rainfall has affected 27 households.

However, the Dzongda said only 18 households have been affected as per the assessment report of the District Disaster officials and the RICBL.

Ngatshang Gewog experienced the most damage with the roofs of three households completely blown away. The roofs of 17 households were partially damaged.

According to Ngatshang Gup, while tarpaulin sheets were provided to households with the most damage, households with minor damage are expected to renovate the roofs themselves.

In Drametse Gewog, two households had their roofs completely blown off. In Balam Gewog, the roofs of four houses were partially damaged.

Houses in Monggar Gewog’s Kentong village also reported damages. Meanwhile, the windstorm and hailstone also damaged farm roads and potato farms in Monggar Gewog.

Namgay Dem

Edited by Sherub Dorji

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