Wungborang farm road difficult in summer

Roads are an important enabling environment for improving living conditions in rural areas. Likewise, the people of Wungborang and Nomey villages in Pema Gatshel were elated when the village was connected with a farm road. However, the road gets blocked every summer creating inconveniences for the people. Experiencing landslides, the road remains blocked for months, especially during summer if not cleared.

Wunngborang Chiwog is considered one of the remote chiwogs in Dungmin Gewog.

The gewog administration carries out farm road clearing works every winter so that the people do not suffer during the monsoon. However, the clearing works got delayed this time due to the chiwog’s remote location.

“Better late than never, the blocks have been cleared. We are grateful. This is because we can transport vegetables and stock our rations for the summer,” said Tshering Gyeltshen, a resident of Nomey village.

“We usually stock the ration because of our remote location. So, we will be benefited. We have to transport within April and May otherwise the farm road will get blocked during the monsoon making it difficult for us,” said Ugyen Yeshi, another resident of the village.

“We could not clear the block on time as the chiwog is in a remote location. And all the machines are in the town. If we do not clear the road, then the problem will worsen during the monsoon,” said Ugyen Dorji, Wungborang Tshogpa.

Expecting the road to remain better hereafter, the people said they would do frequent maintenance to keep the drains clear. The farm road was constructed in 2021 to provide market access for the farmers.

There are about 10 households in Upper Wungborang and Nomey villages.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

Edited by Sonam Pem

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