Year-round organic vegetable cultivation in Punakha’s Peltari Chiwog

Farmers of Kabisa Gewog’s Peltari Chiwog in Punakha will be able to produce a variety of organic vegetables throughout the year. This was made possible as the villagers have received greenhouses. Until last year, the farmers were able to grow vegetables only during spring and summer. A group of farmers who got the greenhouses are now planning to grow vegetables even during winter.

These days, members of Sonam Phuensum Detshen have cultivated chilli, tomato and strawberry in the greenhouses.

The Tarayana Foundation and the College of Natural Resources with financial support from the International Development Research Centre in Canada provided the greenhouses towards last year. The members were also given drip irrigation facilities and a tank.

In the past, the farmers had to buy vegetables from the market during winter and depend on dried vegetables.

But from this winter, they are hopeful that they will have enough organic vegetables for their families and also sell the surplus in the market.

“I am hopeful that we will be able to grow the vegetables during winter. That way, we do not have to go to the market to buy vegetables. We can get vegetables from our greenhouse,” said Namgay Thinley, a member of Sonam Phuensum Detshen.

“We can grow spinach and chilli during winter. Until now, we dry chilli for winter and from this winter, we hope to eat fresh green chilli,” said Pem Tshering, another member of Sonam Phuensum Detshen.

“When we have to buy vegetables from the market, that adds to our expenditure. Now, we have our greenhouse, we can have enough vegetables,” said Pema Dorji, Sonam Phuensum Detshen’s Chairman.

“Until now, we buy the vegetables from the market during winter. From now on, we can grow chilli, beans and spinach,” said Kinley Wangchuk, Sonam Phuensum Detshen’s member.

They are also requesting for some pipes and an additional tank for storing water for winter cultivation as they face water shortage during winter.

Through the project, the chiwog received pipes for irrigation water, which helped them carry out paddy transplantation on time.

Sonam Phuensum Detshen is a certified organic farmers group in the Chiwog.

There are around 45 households in the Chiwog.

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