Young Farmer in Dagana Trying Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponic farming, the technique of growing plants using water-based nutrient solutions in the country is drawing in agriculture enthusiasts. A young man in Lhamoi Dzingkha of Dagana has set up a hydroponic farm and is growing varieties of vegetables and fruit. However, as it is a relatively new concept in the country, he is unable to figure out what kind of vegetables grow well using such a technique.

Imagine getting fascinated by the technology of growing vegetables in a soil-less environment and by the potential of producing fresh leafy greens and sometimes fruits without depending on the season. This new way of farming enticed 27-year-old Passang Tamang.

After attending a 21-day training on hydroponics at the Agriculture Research and Development Centre at Bajo in Wangdue Phodrang, Passang applied for a grant from the Green Climate Fund.

His proposal got accepted and received a grant worth one million ngultrum. He constructed a hydroponic farm on a space near his house last year. He tried cultivating beans, lettuce, coriander, onion, spinach and garlic.

However, new to the aspect of hydroponic farming, Passang struggled with production. He was able to grow only about Nu 5,000 worth of vegetables last year.

Passang Tamang said, “I got excited when I explored hydroponics on YouTube. After getting the opportunity to practice it myself, I think I have a long way to go. Nevertheless, I aspire to grow more vegetables in the future.”

Besides, the lack of seed agents in the area and the high price for the nutrients have hindered the success of his hydroponic farm.

Passang Tamang added, “We know that nutrients are quite expensive. So, if we could get it at a lower price and figure out the right kind of variety of vegetables to grow, then I feel like it is going to be beneficial.”

Nonetheless, watching videos from experienced hydroponic farmers on YouTube channels and experimenting on his farm, the former civil servant is working to make his hydroponic farm a success.

Currently, he is growing eggplants, chillies and tomatoes and he plans to invest in high-value fruits such as strawberries in the coming days.

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