Youth come together to help underprivileged community

It is always gratifying to be able to be kind and give back to the community without expecting anything in return. What is even more fulfilling is being able to do all of that when you don’t have any source of steady income. A group of youth comprising more than 230 members has started taking initiatives to address social issues all by making contributions. The youth group formed the Semthuen Zhidhey Zhabtok last year, to help the underprivileged community as a tribute to His Royal Highness Gyalsey Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck.

Members include youth as young as 15 year olds. They are spread throughout the country. The members mostly interact through social media platforms.

From collecting funds to building a home, the group is dedicated to spreading hope and making a positive impact in the lives of those in need.

The group started in Thimphu and one of its notable contributions included renovating the house of an elderly woman and providing her with necessities.

Recently, the youth group helped a mother sustain her stay in Thimphu to look after her sick daughter in the hospital.

While they are not the only group engaged in such an initiative, what sets them apart is they refrain from posting their activities on social media platforms, citing a commitment to safeguard the anonymity of those they help.

Founding Member of Semthuen Zhidhey Zhabthok, Kinley Dhuendup Namgyel said, “We are planning on starting a website for our group and we are also trying to maximize our member base. Currently, our members are collecting around Nu 50 to 100 a month and from this collected amount we carry out various projects across all the districts where our members are available.”

People who are aware of their initiatives say that Semthuen Zhidhey Zhabtok is a prime example for the youths to initiate solutions instead of waiting for the government to intervene.

Phub Pem, a teacher said, “It is a group of youth who initiate social welfare activities by raising funds among themselves without relying on the government. The group helped raise funds for twelve underprivileged students studying at Pachhu Lower Secondary School in Chhukha”

Like any undertaking, the group is facing its own set of challenges.

Kinley Dhuendup Namgyel said, “Well, we are a new youth group association and therefore, one of our major challenges is to be known to the public. Secondly, our group doesn’t have many funds and we are trying our best to raise the funds amongst our members. However, our biggest issue comes in the fact that many of our members are young. Moreover, some are overseas members.”

“One big challenge that we are facing right now is many of our members are not earning at the moment and we are trying to make sure that our projects are visible to the community so that people who are trying to help and be the agent of change in the community will also try to contribute,” said Chencho Bidha, a member secretary of Semthuen Zhidhey Zhabthok.

Despite everything, the group has been able to undertake 18 projects to help underprivileged communities since its inception.

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