Youth misusing multi-level car parking in Thimphu

The multi-level car parking in Thimphu was constructed to ease parking issues in the capital. But of late, the place seems to have become a hideout for youth to engage in unhealthy activities such as substance abuse and fighting. According to KCR, a private firm that operates the parking, if left unattended, the increasing incidents may lead to unforeseen and potentially dangerous situations. The company says schools, police and parents need to work together to address the issue.In this CCTV footage, two girls are fighting at the multi-level car parking near the fuel depot at Lungtenzampa, a few days ago. The girls continue to fight even when a vehicle enters the parking lot.

Such kinds of activities do not end here. In other CCTV footage, school-going children are seen smoking and engaging in substance abuse.

When BBS visited the site, a few youth were seen smoking in the area.  Cigarette butts and liquor bottles can be seen in every corner of the area.

The KCR private limited said they have asked children not to engage in such activities in the area. But the company says their words have fallen on deaf ears.

Officials said youth usually visit the area before going to school and after school and stay up to 10 PM.

“In this multi-level car parking, the biggest problem we are facing is school-going children creating unnecessary problems. They come usually in the morning, before going to school and even after school. They come here to engage in substance abuse. And they are all young. Before the matter worsens, I would like to seek help from Police, school management and parents for preventive measures,” said Jamyang Tenzin, General Manager of KCR Private Ltd.

“Students come here right after their classes end and they engage themselves in unproductive activities. They hardly listen to us. We asked for help from various stakeholders but there was no improvement till now. I would be grateful if the Police help us. But it would be more helpful and efficient if parents take responsibility that is to check their children’s school timing,” said Nima Dawa, IT officer of KCR Private Ltd.

But there are some students who use the area to engage in productive activities. A few use the place to practice dance and socialize with their friends.

The police said until now, they did not receive any reports from the area. It was learnt that the Police are carrying out patrolling in the area.

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