Bear creates nuisance for Gedu residents

A bear has made an appearance in Gedu over the past two weeks. It has been spotted roaming in the town area every night. This has caused fear among the people. Five such cases were reported in Chhukha last year.

The bear has been coming to the residential area every night to feed on waste and food stocks piled outside the shops. Although no people or animals have been harmed, people living in the area said it is posing risk.

“It’s not once or twice but it has been coming every night,” said Sigay, a resident. “We reported it to forestry officials but they said there is nothing they can do as they do not have equipment. We are desperately looking for support from the government. We have to get into our houses by 6 or 7 in the evening.”

“There is no peace at all now. The bear ate my maize flour and dragged it downhill,” said Zeko, a shopkeeper.

Forestry officials in Gedu said they are currently monitoring the situation. They said they cannot use tranquillizers or relocate the animal immediately.

According to officials, poor food waste management practice among people in urban areas is the leading factor in the frequent appearance of wild animals in the town.

The officials have advised people to take care of waste and avoid piling food stocks outside houses or shops if wild animals were to be avoided.

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