Civil and corporate employees need better diets and exercise

Civil servants and corporate employees in the country seem to be in need of better diet and exercise. This is as per the ongoing health screening conducted by the health ministry in government and corporate offices in the capital. Of more than 2000 employees that have undergone the screening, almost half are found to have weight issues.

Besides screening the staff for NCDs like hypertension and comorbidities, the health team also conducts tests for HIV and H. pylori.

The health team screened 2088 employees as of Tuesday. Of that, 331 which makes 16 percent, were found to be living with at least one or more comorbidities.

They also found that about 23 percent had hypertension and 31 percent with pre-hypertension.

48 percent were found to be overweight, while 20 percent were obese.

Two percent were found to be at moderate to high risk of heart disease, while seven percent had high blood sugar.

The health screening also found that most of the employees indulged in tobacco and alcohol. 23 percent said they smoked cigarettes and 52 percent drank.

The health screening team, since starting the campaign on 20th October, has so far visited 17 offices. “This report I expect to be an eye opener to everybody and take care of their health and do physical exercises and quit those bad habits and adopt the good eating habits,” said Rinxin Jamtsho, the Officiating Director of the Department of Public Health. “In that way, we are hopeful that their health would be improved and their roles and responsibilities would also be improved.”

Meanwhile, the civil servants say the health screening has been helpful since they do not have to visit the already congested hospital.

“We don’t get time to visit hospitals to check. It’s a good opportunity for us to have the team come here and check our health status,” said Pema Samdrup, a civil servant.

“Such opportunities will be very helpful for the people. We can detect any diseases that we have and get timely treatment,” said Dawa Zangmo.

“There are people who do not know that they are sick. Some do not get time and others do not know. Such campaigns from the ministry of health will help many people,” said Kinley Wangchuk.

The health screening in other offices is expected to be completed by the end of December. The health ministry says similar health screenings will be held for the general public and offices in other districts at a later date.

Krishna Ghalley

Edited by Yeshi Gyaltshen

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