Divine Endorsement: Rinpoches Support Gelephu Vision

In a significant step towards fostering spiritual well-being and international collaboration, Bhutan is set to embark on the first phase of the groundbreaking Gelephu Mindfulness City project. This visionary initiative aims to establish Gelephu as a major center for Buddhist Vajrayana practice, bringing together spiritual luminaries, scholars, and devotees from various sects.

At the heart of this endeavor are revered figures such as Rinpoches, Trulkus, and Khenpos, who are poised to play a pivotal role as co-creators. Their involvement extends beyond the spiritual realm, encompassing global fundraising efforts and the establishment of centers that will contribute to the city’s multifaceted objectives.

Gelephu Mindfulness City is envisioned to host diverse projects representing different sects and dedicated to revered Buddhist figures like Chenrezig, Manjushree, and Guru Rinpoche. The recent tour of Gelephu and Sarpang by holy Rinpoches and Trulkus, accompanied by His Majesty, signifies the collaborative spirit underpinning this ambitious project.

Khamtrul Rinpoche, reflecting on the venture, expressed his eagerness to learn more about the project. He emphasized Bhutan’s unique position as the last Vajrayana country in the world, highlighting the wealth of authentic masters from Guru Rinpoche to the present H.H The Je Khenpo. Rinpoche underscored the timely nature of the project, stating, “It is what the world needs, and Bhutan has the capacity to offer it.”

While the details are still unfolding, Rinpoche acknowledged the potential for establishing centers, echoing the sentiment that contributing to Gelephu Mindfulness City is a way of serving Buddha and addressing the global challenges of anxiety and difficulty.

Kalu Rinpoche echoed these sentiments, recognizing the current stage as a gathering and getting-to-know-each-other phase. He expressed faith in His Majesty’s vision, citing the well-crafted model for success unveiled during the National Day announcement.

Laytshog Lopon Sangay Dorji of the Zhung Dratshang highlighted Bhutan’s rich Buddhist faith and traditions, emphasizing the opportunity to share this heritage with foreigners genuinely interested in adopting it. Gelephu Mindfulness City, according to Lopon, not only holds economic potential but also stands as a unique example globally – a city dedicated to healing minds amid economic prosperity.

The Lopon emphasized that while other cities worldwide generate wealth but often contribute to mental afflictions, Gelephu has the potential to heal minds while generating prosperity. He envisioned the city as an international economic hub, with proceeds addressing Bhutan’s issues and Kidu.

When questioned about opening a center, Lopon Sangay Dorji confirmed the Zhung Dratshang’s commitment to serving in all 20 Dzongkhags, welcoming other masters from abroad to participate in the transformative project.

Padtselling Trulku Rinpoche lauded Bhutan as a religious Kingdom with a unique and prophetic King, expressing unwavering faith in the success of Gelephu Mindfulness City. He conveyed the commitment of Lams and Trulkus to support the project, echoing a collective confidence in its auspicious outcomes.

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