Dorji Lopen confers Khadar to new Laytshog Drungchhen


The Dorji Lopen of the Zhung Dratshang has conferred Khadar to the new Laytshog Drungchhen Chorten Dorji in Punakha Dzong today. 

39-year-old Laytshog Drungchhen from Nanong Gewog in Pema Gatshel worked as a Researcher at Kyoto University in Japan. He was serving as a Chief Editor in the Organization for the Promotion of Buddhist practices in Bhutan prior to the present post.

He will work as a Secretary in Laytshog Lopen’s office in Zhung Dratshang hereafter.

He joined the monk body when he was 19 years old and completed his PhD in Textual studies from Mahidol University in Thailand.

He did his master’s Degree in Buddhist Studies at the International Buddhist College in Thailand after serving as a teacher at Lekshed Jungney Shedra in Punakha.

Changa Dorji

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