ECB to reduce polling stations for NC elections scheduled early next year

The Election Commission of Bhutan will reduce the number of polling stations for the upcoming National Council election scheduled for early next year. Of 866 polling stations, 44 stations will be removed. This, the Commission says, is one of its cost-cutting measures.

Given the enhanced road access and improved network connectivity in the country, the ECB carried out a review of reducing the number of polling stations. According to the Commission, the reduction in the number of polling stations will not compromise the services.

All eligible voters are urged to check and confirm the location of their polling stations and census status by visiting the Commission’s website and by contacting their respective District Election officers.

In addition, all voters, who have either lost their Citizenship Identity Cards or have not processed and obtained them, to process new ones immediately so as to avoid inconveniences. Likewise, those with expired CID cards must apply for new cards at the earliest.

The Commission notifies that in the event of any religious or social events from February to May next year, it should either be preponed or deferred except for the annual Dzongkhag Tshechus.

Meanwhile, the familiarization tour of the political parties and candidates will be allowed until the 31st of January next year.

The tenure of the current National Council members will end on 9th May next year. According to the National Council, since the NC is a continuous house, it does not have an interim period after its dissolution. This means that the new members of the house will have to take over office from the next day.

Kelzang Choden

Edited by Sonam Pem









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