Farm road remains non-pliable due to swelling streams in summer

Despite the construction of a farm road, the villagers of Wunborang in Pema Gatshel remain cut off during the monsoon season. The farm road constructed early last year has connected the village to the rest of the country but that is until the rainy season starts and makes the road non-pliable for several months. To address the issue, officials are constructing bridges along the road.

Works to construct the bridge over the Pazeri stream at Rongrongma started in October and is due for completion in January, next year.

It is one of three bridges being constructed, the other two over the Yuri and Kondu streams. All three streams during the rainy season, and make the road unusable. Works are also underway with the other two bridges and will be completed by January.

“As a village health worker, I frequently travel to bring medicines and submit reports. So, I am hoping we will be benefited after the completion of the bridge construction,” said Sangay Dorji.

“We are hoping the construction of the bridges will finish by end of this winter. This will make it possible for us to take our farm products to Nganglam town,” said Chorten Tshering, a resident of Wungborang which falls under Dungmin Gewog.

The lands in Wungbarang are suitable for growing all kinds of vegetables but the residents say they have been unable to do any business until now.

“We grow all kinds of vegetables here but we are not able to reach them to the market. So, we mostly feed it to the cattle,” said Chorten.

“Without the bridges, we would carry the things till the river bank and then again carry it on our backs after crossing the stream,” said Sangay Dorji.

The three bridges are being constructed at a cost of Nu 6.5 M.

“We will also keep on maintaining the road whenever needed. Hopefully, it will serve its purpose and benefit the farmers,” said Tashi Dorji, the Dungmin Mangmi.

The road benefits more than 30 households in the chiwog.

Thinley Dorji

Edited by Yeshi Gyaltshen

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