Farm road under-utilised in Yangtse Gewog

Having a farm road is of no use if it cannot be used. The 10-kilometre farm road in Yangtse Gewog in Trashi Yangtse mostly remains unused as it is steep. Residents say they prefer walking as the road is steep and poses risk.

The farm road connects Gangkhar and Rabti chiwogs. It was constructed in 2016. But it is steep. The steep slope starts from Gangkhar village till Jadrak village.

Due to the steep slope, a bolero also fell off the road in 2019 although there were no casualties.

“While transporting rations, we carry it on our backs and use horses. Even to construct a house, we have to carry all the construction materials on our back,” said Yeshi Tenzin, a resident.

“Many pilgrims are visiting the Sheri Dzong. And the commuters are scared of driving on the steep road. Since the construction, we have been struggling,” said Thukten Wangchuk, another resident.

However, to reduce the risk and make the road pliable, the district administration deployed machines. Moreover, the gewog is also exploring an alternate route.

“We have plans to start an alternate route from Gangkhar till Pam village and then to Radrak village. There is a road till Pam village and in this financial year, we are planning to connect that road with Radrak. That will reduce the travel time and the risk too,” said Goenpo, Yangtse Gup.

So, it won’t be long before the residents of Jadrak village have a usable farm road.

Sonam Darjay, Trashi Yangtse

Edited by Tshering Zam

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