First three farm roads to be blacktopped in Pema Gatshel

People of three gewogs under Nganglam Dungkhag in Pema Gatshel will no longer have to put up with the bumpy rides. Three farm roads will be blacktopped soon. Constructed nearly a decade ago, the farm roads haven’t been blacktopped even once.

The three gewogs include Norbugang, Chhoekhorling and Dechhenling. The tender for the blacktopping work will be floated next month. People are already excited about the news.

“In summer, the stream gets bigger causing landslides. As a result, the road gets blocked and we remain cut off during summer. We would be thankful if the farm road is blacktopped so that we can travel anywhere without difficulties,” said Rabten, a resident of Tenzinwama.

“We are hoping we can travel irrespective of the seasons without any problem. Today, the road is riddled with potholes resulting in the frequent breakdown of vehicles. It would benefit all of us if the blacktopping is done sooner. There are more than 48 households in Tenzinwama and will benefit all of us,” said Loday, another resident.

However, for the residents of Tenzinwama under Norbugang Gewog, having a blacktopped road will serve no purpose without a motorable bridge. According to the residents, the Jazama stream swells during monsoon making it difficult for the people to cross.

“Even if the road is blacktopped, without a bridge it will not serve the purpose. What we need the most is a bridge rather than a blacktop. But the government has promised to blacktop the road,” said Sacha Zangpo.

“When there are no bridges, we are confronted with challenges during the monsoon. We have farm produce that needs to be taken from the village. In addition, we also take milk from the group members by using the road every day. If a bridge is constructed, we would be grateful,” said Zangpo.

Meanwhile, the gewog is exploring ways to solve the problem.

“If we can, then, we will look into the possibility of constructing the bridge from the gewog’s budget within this year. Otherwise, we will include it in the next five-year plan. Nevertheless, we have been discussing the issue which will be prioritised,” said Norbugang Gup, Kinley Dorji.

The three farm roads will be the first to be blacktopped in Pema Gatshel. More than Nu 90 M has been allocated for the blacktopping works.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

Edited by Sonam Pem

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