Former Bhutanese teacher recognised for inventing science experiment kit

A former science teacher has been recognised by a research institution in Thailand for his invention of a model to help understand a physic’s law. Dumcho Wangdi invented a low-cost experimental kit to demonstrate the law of conservation of energy. He was awarded a certificate of achievement and petty patent by Mahidol University in early March.   

The Physics Law of conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be transformed from one form to another.

This law normally taught in classes with theoretical examples and imaginary illustrations provided in the textbooks can be challenging to understand.

But Dumcho Wangdi’s creation can help students in understanding it better.

‘‘Energy is an important physics concept which is fundamental to understanding any introductory physics yet energy is frequently misunderstood by our students,” he said.

“Understanding energy through a simple hands-on inside the classroom has been critical and therefore the development of this experimental kit is a response to that challenge.’’

Having been in the teaching profession for the last 12 years, Dumcho is currently undergoing his PhD studies in Queensland, Australia.

He developed the model seven years ago while undergoing his Master’s degree at the Mahidol University in Thailand.

He said as a science student and a former teacher, he was aware of the difficulties and wanted to explore an alternate innovative learning approach.

‘‘It is also innovative and user friendly such that any student without requiring any technical ideas can operate it. And it is also precise in demonstrating the law of conservation of energy,” said Dumcho.

He said it normally takes a minimum of six years for the office of intellectual property to assess the invention and ensure it is original, genuine and authentic.

The petty patent protects his invention for 10 years and anyone wishing to use or duplicate it must get legal consent.

Karma Wangdi

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