His Majesty The King Encourages New Civil Servants to Contribute to National Progress

In a momentous ceremony at the Kuenrey of Tashichhodzong, His Majesty The King granted a gracious Audience to 652 graduates set to embark on their civil service journey. The oath-taking ceremony, held yesterday, marked a significant milestone as the young men and women prepared to join various agencies in the civil service.

Addressing the gathering, His Majesty emphasized the importance of the graduates’ role in achieving national goals. With a profound commitment to the country’s progress and prosperity, the monarch shared insights into the initiatives that would propel Bhutan forward. Encouraging the newly minted civil servants to dedicate their best efforts, His Majesty highlighted the collective responsibility in shaping the nation’s destiny.

The speech resonated with a call to action, urging the graduates to align their aspirations with the broader vision for the country. Acknowledging the challenges that lay ahead, His Majesty emphasized the need for unwavering dedication and resilience in the face of adversity. The monarch’s words carried a sense of duty and shared responsibility, reinforcing the idea that each civil servant plays a vital role in the nation’s development.

As the graduates took their oaths, pledging allegiance to the service of the nation, the atmosphere was charged with a sense of purpose and commitment. The ceremony served as a reminder of the sacred duty entrusted to these young minds, who are now part of the machinery that drives the wheels of governance and progress.

Following the Audience, His Majesty The King, ever committed to engaging with the diverse corners of the kingdom, departed for Gelephu. This movement reflects the monarch’s continuous efforts to connect with the people and gain firsthand insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by different regions.

The ceremony at Tashichhodzong stands as a testament to Bhutan’s commitment to nurturing a capable and dedicated civil service. The event not only marked the commencement of a new chapter in the lives of these graduates but also underscored the importance of their contributions to the nation’s journey towards prosperity.

As these young men and women step into their roles, the echoes of His Majesty’s words will undoubtedly guide their actions, fostering a spirit of service, responsibility, and unwavering commitment to the well-being of Bhutan and its people. The oath-taking ceremony symbolized not just a transition in the professional lives of the graduates but a collective pledge to work towards a brighter and more prosperous future for the Kingdom of Bhutan.

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