His Majesty The King Presents Order of Druk Gyalpo to Indian PM Modi

In an illustrious ceremony held at Tendelthang, Thimphu, His Majesty The King of Bhutan bestowed the prestigious Order of Druk Gyalpo upon the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, recognizing his pivotal role in bolstering the enduring friendship between Bhutan and India. The award, presented on Bhutan’s 114th National Day, signifies the nation’s highest accolade, reflecting the profound gratitude of Bhutanese people for Prime Minister Modi’s exceptional leadership and contributions to the bilateral ties between the two nations.

The ceremony, attended by dignitaries including His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo and members of the Royal Family, showcased a rich tapestry of Bhutanese performing arts, alongside special performances in Hindi and Gujarati, choreographed to honor Prime Minister Modi. This grand event was part of Modi’s two-day state visit to Bhutan, marking his third such visit as India’s head of government.

During his visit, Prime Minister Modi was received in a traditional Chipdrel procession at Tashichhodzong and honored with a guard of honour, underscoring the deep-seated respect and camaraderie between the two nations. This visit further cements the strong and unique partnership that India and Bhutan share, rooted in mutual trust and respect.

Prime Minister Modi’s leadership has been instrumental in advancing India’s stature on the global stage, with significant progress across various sectors reflecting positively on Bhutan. The relationship between Bhutan and India is not merely diplomatic but is a bond characterized by mutual support and shared aspirations.

The awarding of the Order of Druk Gyalpo to Prime Minister Modi is not just a testament to his leadership but also an acknowledgment of the Indian people’s friendship with Bhutan. As two neighboring countries continue to thrive and support each other, this event marks another chapter in their shared history, promising a future of continued partnership and mutual growth.

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