Indian Support Continues for Infrastructure Development

In a demonstration of continued support for its neighbor’s development, India has delivered the second tranche of INR/Nu Five billion to Bhutan for the GyalSung Project’s infrastructure development. This significant contribution underscores the robust ties between the two nations and their commitment to mutual progress.

The formal handover took place on Tuesday, with India’s Ambassador to Bhutan, Sudhakar Dalela, presenting the tranche to Lyonpo D.N. Dhungyel, Bhutan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade. This follows the release of the initial tranche of the same amount on January 28, 2024, marking a pivotal step forward in the collaborative endeavor.

The GyalSung Project, a cornerstone of Bhutan’s infrastructure ambitions, has garnered substantial attention and investment from both governments. Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on concessionary financing arrangements, signed in January 2024, India has committed to providing a total of INR/Nu 15 billion to support infrastructure development linked to the GyalSung academies.

“This partnership marks a significant milestone in our bilateral relations, reaffirming the strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between India and Bhutan,” stated the Indian embassy in Bhutan in an official release. The MoU signifies a strategic alignment between the development goals of both nations and underscores India’s steadfast support for Bhutan’s aspirations.

Notably, this financial commitment supplements India’s existing Plan Assistance to the Royal Government of Bhutan, showcasing a comprehensive approach to fostering sustainable growth in the region. The collaboration extends beyond financial aid, encapsulating a broader vision of shared prosperity and strategic alignment.

This recent tranche follows earlier instances of Indian support to Bhutan’s development initiatives. In February 2023, the Government of India extended a grant assistance of INR/Nu two billion for the DeSuung for GyalSung program, further solidifying the foundation of cooperation between the two nations.

The GyalSung Project holds immense significance for Bhutan, aiming to bolster its infrastructure capabilities and enhance opportunities for socio-economic advancement. With India’s unwavering support, Bhutan is poised to realize its developmental aspirations and pave the way for a brighter future.

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