Induction programme for LG leaders in Dagana

Preparing beginners for the best will only leave behind the best legacies and benefit the public and the country at large. This is what the Dagana Dzongkhag administration believes in and expects from the newly elected local leaders. The district recently conducted a four-day induction programme for 29 Dzongkhag Tshogdu members.

The Gups, Mangmis and Thromde Ngotshab were elected in December last year. They won the battle but the work has just begun. Today, the Dzongkhag administration wants to get the best out of them. They are learning to become highly effective leaders.

The programme also touched on the power and functions of Dzongkhag Tshogdu, Gewog Tshogde and its proceedings among others.

The participants said the lessons will serve as a critical tool to deliver efficient public service during their tenure and beyond.

“The induction programme was very unique and eye-opening for new local leaders. We gained knowledge on how to deal with people and to resolve their problems. I also learnt about how data-based planning is better for both the present and future,” said Sangay Wangmo, Gozhi Mangmi.

“The programme just made me feel how crucial it is for us to come up with new initiatives for the country’s development instead of expecting everything from the government. And most importantly, it is important for every local leader to set a clear roadmap for our gewogs to take it to a newer height at the end of five years term,” said Mani Kumar Ghishing, Gesarling Gup.

“The programme has benefited us immensely. Firstly, we acquired knowledge on how to plan for gewog developmental works. And then how to ensure accountability when we involve in gewog development works,” said Singye Dorji, Drujeygang Gup.

Dagana Dzongda said the district administration has been working on the programme for the last seven months. It is to produce the best local leaders and work towards sustainable development.

“All 16 topics included in the induction programme are very important to local leaders to deliver their duty best. The local leaders after the programme said they acquired much knowledge and skills to lead their respective gewogs. And accordingly, we are hopeful of our local leader will take all 14 gewogs in the district to a height,” said Duba, Dagana Dzongda.

The need for such a programme is felt even more since most of the local leaders are new to the job. The people of Dagana chose new local leaders except for five Gups and Mangmis.

Pema Tshewang, Dagana

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