Jangsa Mini Hydel converted into Museum of Light – Paro

To display the country’s journey before the arrival of electricity and the present, a Museum of Light was inaugurated in Paro on Thursday. The Jangsa Mini Hydel is converted into a museum. The mini hydel was commissioned by His Majesty the Third King in 1968 to provide electricity to hundreds of homes in Paro.

In the museum, one can see how forefathers lived without electricity and it also showcases the present, smart homes.

There are models to display how electricity is generated.

“It is almost 55 years since the country started generating electricity. And we have seen a good outcome. The museum showcases the past and the present and if these are not displayed through a museum, future generations will not be able to know about these things. So, we are preserving it,” said Dasho Chhewang Rinzin, Managing Director of DGPC.

Besides being disabled-friendly, the museum has audio-visual, quiz and computer games for children.

“If children visit the museum, it will encourage them to study science as an exciting subject in the schools.”

The Museum is free for all visitors. Bhutan Power Corporation spent over Nu 35 M to develop the museum.

Namgay Wangchuk, Paro

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