NCHM’s timely weather forecast saves farmers’ hard work from rain- Zhemgang

It is common for farmers to lose their year’s hard work to rain at this time. However, this is slowly changing. In Zhemgang, farmers have learnt to cheat the weather to save their paddy. They say the timely weather forecast from the National Centre for Hydrology and Meteorology (NCHM) has helped them to plan their paddy harvest.

The paddy fields have turned a golden hue, a time for harvest. But weather forecasts from the NCHM have held back the farmers of Pam in Trong Gewog from harvesting. Their hard work is saved from the recent heavy rainfall and windstorm that caused major damages in other parts of the country.

“It will be more helpful for farmers if we can access various means of media around. I got this time’s forecast from my son’s television and I had to postpone the harvest until the weather becomes fine. Otherwise, it might have left us with nothing,” said Tshering, a farmer in Pam.

“We heard from BBS television and Wechat that there is a forecast of heavy rain and windstorm. So, we decided to postpone the harvest time and I feel the weather update from the NCHM is very beneficial for farmers like us,” added Dorji Dema, also in Pam.

“In the past, there was no weather forecast and we could not prepare for it. But now, the weather announcement has become very important for us to avoid damage to our crops. So, we keep track of weather updates and accordingly, plan our farm works,” said Dorji Lhamo, from Pam.

According to Zhemgang District Agricultural officials, there were no reports of major damages caused to crops this time because of prior notification from the NCHM. They say farmers are also slowly following the weather forecast to plan for any kind of farm work.

“Dissemination of such information on time is the district’s mandate and the government’s directive as well. We make our farmers aware of weather forecasts based on the NCHM reports. The weather update from the NCHM is very important for our farmers to plan any farming activities,” said Jambay Ugyen, the Officiating Dzongkhag Agriculture officer in Zhemgang.

Saved from the recent harsh weather, farmers of Pam are now looking forward to a bountiful harvest. The generous rainfall during the paddy transplantation has boosted their hopes for a better yield.

Pema Samdrup

Edited by Sonam

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