Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon distributes 3-D masks to students

With the staggered re-opening of schools for the 2022 academic year, students of classes seven and above across the country have returned to schools since yesterday. To support the safe re-opening of schools, the Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon sent reusable 3-D masks to all schools across the country to be distributed to the students. There are over 69,000 students in classes seven and above across the country.

Upon the Royal Command of His Majesty The King, Project HOPE set up the production of the high-quality reusable masks, which were also distributed to students and other groups including volunteers, last year.

The 3-D design mask, which allows breathing space was chosen as it is known to be the most comfortable for speaking and extended use.

Project HOPE took care to import the highest quality components, such as the ear loops, nose ridge, and fabric for the masks. Adhering to international findings on the most effective face masks, the design has three layers for maximum protection, with a fine inner lining that is water repellent and breathable.

The masks, which come in three sizes to accommodate various age groups, are also being used by frontline workers across the country. Teachers have learnt and sensitized students on the proper use and handling of the masks.

Master tailors, specially trained DeSuups, and personnel from Project HOPE and the Kidu Medical team worked on the production, sanitizing, packaging, and distribution of the masks. Children studying in classes six and below, who will join schools on April 18, will also receive these masks when they return to school.

Meanwhile, the health ministry urges everyone to continue practising habits that help prevent the spread of the virus, such as frequent hand washing and wearing face masks properly, to cover both the mouth and nose.

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