Parking space crunch at Dhuenmang hot spring in Zhemgang frustrates visitors

As winter approaches, one of the most enjoyable things Bhutanese families plan is to go to Tshachhus. And like most hot springs, the Duenmang Tshachhu in Zhemgang is seeing crowds of people these days coming to soak themselves in the hot water. But once visitors arrive at the hot spring, they are left frustrated. And this is because there is a lack of adequate parking space near the Tshachhu.

The small parking at the nearest road point to the Duenmang hot spring remains packed almost all the time.

Without any other option, visitors park their cars on the side of the highway.

And as much as people want to relax by soaking in the hot springs, they say doing so is a bit difficult when they have to worry about their cars.

“Many people come to the hot spring, but there is a parking space problem here. Most people have to park on the side of the road and in doing so we are risking our cars getting hit by other vehicles. And no one would know it even if it happened,” said Tenzin, who came from Trashi Yangtse. “So, it is very problematic for the visitors.”

“Due to lack of parking space, visitors are having a tough time finding a place to keep their cars. Most park their cars on the side of the highway which again causes inconveniences for other people coming here,” said Dorji, who works as a porter at the hot spring.

“We need a big parking space here and someone to look after it, and that person could also collect parking fees,” said Jigme, a resident of Gongphu.

BBS contacted the Dzongkhag Administration but they did not want to comment.

During an interview in December of 2021, the office told BBS that they had plans to construct a parking space at the Tshachhu and expected to complete it within a year. However, works have yet to begin.

From the parking spot, people have to walk for about an hour to get to the hot spring.

While the average number of daily visitors is about five to ten, sometimes the numbers reach as high as sixty in a day during the peak winter months. Located on the right bank of the Mangdechhu at the base of a steep hill, the Duenmang hot spring is believed to cure joint pains, sinusitis and headaches among many illnesses.

Pema Samdrup, Zhemgang

Edited by Yeshi Gyaltshen

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