Paro fields five candidates for NC elections

Paro has nominated five aspiring candidates for the upcoming National Council Elections. The Dhamngoi Zomdu in the district ended on Thursday. Lango and Shaba Gewogs had two aspiring candidates each while Lunyi, Dogar and Wangchang Gewogs had one each. Meanwhile, Tsento, Naja, Hungrel, Dopshari and Dotey Gewogs and Paro Throm didn’t have any nominees.  

The Dhamngoi Dzomdu in Dogar Gewog selected 53-year-old Zecko from Tsinakha village. He secured 394 yes votes and 37 no votes.

Lango Gewog nominated the incumbent Ugyen Tshering from Gangju village. The 53-year-old secured 686 votes while his contender Ugyen Lhendup received 416 votes.

Lunyi Gewog chose 56-year-old Gyeltshen Dukpa from Dobu village. He secured 303 yes and 38 no votes.

Shaba Gewog nominated Jigme from Zhelngo village. The 40-year-old secured 533 votes while his opponent Norbu from Drugyaldingkha managed 230 votes.

And Wangchang Gewog selected 43-year-old Ugyen Dorji from Gebtey village. He secured 211 yes and seven no votes.

Close to 3,200 eligible voters turned up to cast their votes in the Dhamngoi Dzomdu in Paro.

There are close to 11,000 females and nearly 10,000 males eligible to vote in the 10 gewogs of Paro.

Namgay Wangchuk, Paro

Edited by Phub Gyem

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