People of Wangdue’s Kumchhi-Phangyuel Chiwog rejoice as their farm road undergoes maintenance

A good road network is normally considered one of the most important aspects to bring about development in society. And this is exactly what the residents of Kumchhi-Phangyuel Chiwog under Phangyuel Gewog in Wangdue Phodrang are hoping for. After struggling for almost a decade, the Chiwogs’ farm road is finally being maintained, and this has delighted the people who are now hoping for better days ahead.

The road maintenance works began a few months back and are expected to be completed in June. Although the maintenance works only include road levelling and laying of GSB or foundation with a layer of crushed rocks, the residents are still optimistic it will help in the growth of the communities.

Today, the road levelling works are almost complete and the GSB works are expected to start soon. The people have already started to enjoy the rides which they say are much better than before.

“It has become much better now. Everyone is happy that the road is being maintained. Even if we are constructing houses and have to transport timber, it will all be very convenient,” said Chador Namgay, a resident.

Another resident of Kumchhi-Phangyuel, Sumchho Pem, says everyone is excited since the maintenance work started. “After the maintenance works are over, we can travel peacefully on the road whether it is winter or summer. It will be very convenient for society, especially during times of emergencies,” she said.

“Earlier, it was very difficult to transport our goods to the market. The farm road used to get damaged during monsoon seasons and become unpassable. But, after the road is maintained, we will be able to easily transport agricultural products to the market,” said Sangay Lham, the Tshogpa of Kumchhi-Phangyuel Chiwog.

The residents say it could also help promote domestic tourism in the chiwog as more people would come to visit the holy sites here.

Moreover, they are also planning to increase farming work as they will be able to transport the fruits and vegetables to the market easily.

“We can easily take our fresh vegetables to Wangdue Town after the road condition is improved. It will not only benefit the customers, but we can also make a good income which was not possible before,” said Sumchho Pem.

“Unlike before, we will be able to take our fruits and vegetables to the market on time. Earlier, the vegetables would rot because the delivery would often get stuck on the way due to roadblocks in the summer,” said Phub Gyeltshen, a resident of Kumchhi-Phangyuel.

The road was constructed more than 10 years ago. But over the years, the people did not benefit much from the road as the condition deteriorated and no maintenance was carried out.

The current works are being carried out by the government with a budget of more than Nu 15 M with assistance from the Indian government.

Changa Dorji, Wangdue Phodrang

Edited by Yeshi Gyaltshen

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